Visual Programming

Design your data analysis process through visual programming. Orange remembers your choices, suggests most frequently used combinations, and intelligently chooses which communication channels between widgets to use.

A schema for performance scoring (classification) Data exploration by construction of analysis schema Tree view of Orange widgets Orange can guess which widget to add to a developing schema


Orange is packed with different visualizations, from scatterplots, bar charts, trees, to dendrograms, networks and heatmaps.

Hierarchical clustering Linear projections (FreeViz) Self-organizing maps Intelligent visualization with radviz

Interaction and Data Analytics

Actions seamlessly propagate through data analysis schema. Selection of data subset in one widget can automatically trigger change of display in the other one. By combining various widgets you can design data analytics framework of choice.

Explorative analysis and classification trees Manual construction of classification tree Manual discretization of continuous features

Large Toolbox

Over 100 widgets and growing. Coverage of most of standard data analysis tasks. Also specialized add-ons are available, like Bioorange for bioinformatics.

Data management widgets Classification (supervised learning) Unsupervised learning (clustering, interaction discovery, SOM, ...) Data visualization widgets

Scripting Interface

With scripting interface in Python, programming new algorithms and developing complex data analysis procedures is pure joy, using and reusing all power found in visual programming and more.

Data load and exploration Scoring of machine learning techniques k-means with verbose print Construction of distance matrix and MDS


You can develop your own widgets, extend scripting interface or even create your own self-contained add-ons, all seamlessly integrating with the rest of Orange, allowing components and code reuse.


Covering both first steps into visual programming, providing detailed presentation of all widgets available, and guiding you into all-powerful scripting, comprehensive documentation gives you an easy entrance into the fruitful land of data adventures, keeping you safe and prosperous along the way.

Open Source

Orange is open source with active community. You can freely browse and access the source code, extend and reuse it, participate in its development, while the community provides you with the support, guidance and ideas. Or maybe even joins you in developing the next super-feature.

Platform Independence

Runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and variety of Linux operating systems.

What's Next?

If you got interested in Orange, dive in! If not (yet!), check the more detailed Orange presentation, or enjoy other screenshots, to get a better taste what is laying ahead.