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New release of Orange Textable add-on (v1.4)

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New release of Orange Textable add-on (v1.4)

Postby axanthos » Sat Jan 25, 2014 13:59

Hi Orange users,

An important update of the Orange Textable add-on has just been released (v1.4). Upgrading to this new version should be as easy as reaching Orange Canvas' Options > Add-ons... menu and marking Orange Textable for upgrade (or install).

In short, this new update: finally makes it possible to save all parameters of Orange Textable widgets; considerably expands the online documentation (including the Getting Started section; offers a couple of new features; fixes all the bugs that have been spotted and reported thus far. For a detailed list of changes, please refer to Orange Textable's forum (

The development of this new version has been funded by the University of Lausanne's Teaching innovation fund ( and its Faculty of Arts, and carried on by the fine people that are behind Orange Canvas itself (in particular Blaž Zupan and Aleš Erjavec from University of Ljubljana’s Biolab) in collaboration with LangTech Sàrl.

Any comment, feedback, or question on this new version is most welcome!

Orange Textable update

Postby axanthos » Tue Mar 18, 2014 8:38

Orange Textable v1.4.1 has just been released.

Aside from fixing a couple of bugs, this minor update includes documentation for several more widgets, as well as an introductory example to expose in a concise fashion the kind of analysis that Orange Textable performs (

Feedback is always welcome!

Orange Textable update

Postby axanthos » Mon Mar 31, 2014 10:49

Orange Textable v1.4.2 has just been released.

This minor update mostly fixes a bug that prevented Extract XML to send any data to output. The Convert widget also features a new normalization mode called "presence-absence" (whereby counts greater than 1 in a pivot table are converted to 1).

More details on the Orange Textable forum:

Feedback is always welcome!

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