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GSoc 2011

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GSoc 2011

Postby Alok » Sun Mar 20, 2011 23:35


This is Alok. I am PhD Student in NLP. During the course of my work, and in my previous projects I have applied Machine Learning Techniques. I had come across the Orange project during my masters project when I tried to explore whether Orange could be used to capture rules of word order rearrangement (SOV--> SVO) for translation. I am fairly proficient in Python and C/C++
I was interested in the kNN project and I may have some ideas about extending/improving it. Other ideas of interest were Anonva Regression and implementing more regression algorithms. I have experience with numpy and that may come in handy. I feel my mathematics/statistics background (undergraduate degree) would also be usefyl.
I would be glad to know who(mentors) may I discuss these ideas with?

Re: GSoc 2011

Postby Blaz » Mon Mar 21, 2011 16:17

Dear Alok, we just had a meeting of GSoC mentors, trying to get focus and help students to work on ideas that are most important. Since we expect that only a few students will be approved for Orange, we have retained only the ideas that are currently most important to development of this package. We can of course also change the list if some other ideas from students will come in. kNN project was moved out, and so was Anova regression. Please check the list of ideas, many thanks for your interest,


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