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Apply for GSoC project "Multi-label classification"

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Apply for GSoC project "Multi-label classification"

Postby shuangliu » Mon Mar 28, 2011 7:30

I'm Shuang Liu, a graduate student from Institute of Remote Sensing, Chinese Academy of Sciences. I'd like to apply for the "Multi-label classification" task in Google Summer of Code 2011.
As my major research relies on remote sensing image classification, I know certain classification knowledge such as Boosting, SVM etc. However, they are single labeled data :) . I find the idea of multi-label classification very interesting and after googling it, I notice that multi-label classification has a wide application in Internet Image classification or image retrieval, am I right?
Though I'm not quite familiar with the multi-label case, I consider my relevant experience can help me through it quickly. I'm confident that I can handle the problem, and I'm looking forward to further discussion.
Thank you!

Shuang Liu

Re: Apply for GSoC project "Multi-label classification"

Postby matija » Mon Mar 28, 2011 13:48


yes, multi-label classification is often used where hierarchic ontologies exist, such as in article or image classification. This is a neat introduction/overview: ... -dmkdh.pdf

You are welcome to apply for this task. Of course, if you would like to discuss anything with us, we are available on this forum. :)

Best regards,

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