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Getting involved outside of GSOC

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Getting involved outside of GSOC

Postby snikolov » Sat Apr 02, 2011 23:37

Hi there! My name is Stanislav and I'm a 4th year undergraduate in computer science and math at MIT specializing in machine learning (and soon-to-be masters student in machine learning and computer vision, also at MIT).

I'm interested in contributing to Orange, but I will have an internship this summer and wouldn't be able to spend enough time on GSOC. However, I might have enough free time (over the summer and over the school year) to contribute something. How can I get involved outside of GSOC?

Re: Getting involved outside of GSOC

Postby snikolov » Sun Apr 03, 2011 0:10

I think I answered my question -- from what I understand, I can open up tickets with suggestions for a project, or get on the Skype chat to discuss it with you guys. If I decide to get involved, I'll try both.

Re: Getting involved outside of GSOC

Postby Mitar » Sun Apr 03, 2011 0:49

Good answer. ;-)

Also we can open tickets for you and then you can work on them. ;-)

Also we are active in research, so maybe it would be also interesting to do some research collaboration or something similar. Maybe this is the best way to contribute. To find a problem, implement a solution in Orange, write a paper on it.

Which fields of machine learning are you interested in?

Re: Getting involved outside of GSOC

Postby Blaz » Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:42


Nice to hear that you're willing to contribute (even outside GSoC). Please, like Mitar says, provide us some hint as to what are you interests in data mining, and then we can perhaps skype to discuss this. There are now quite a number of things in Orange "in development" (we are moving towards Orange 2.5, which will be a major update), so it may help to discuss your list first.

Best wishes,

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