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Regarding GSOC project on 'Fuzzy Clustering'

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Regarding GSOC project on 'Fuzzy Clustering'

Postby navin » Tue Mar 20, 2012 15:02

Hi Community,
I am a 4th year Theoretical Computer Science student from PSG Tech, India. I have been revolving around Orange and its activities for the past couple of weeks and really fascinated about what it does. Having undergone courses on Machine Learning, Data Mining and Soft Computing, I propose here a new idea for Orange on what I felt was missing.

It is nothing but a Fuzzy toolbox which would probably contain methods for Fuzzification and Defuzzification , Fuzzy Inference engine and a lot of fuzzy based machine learning algorithms like Fuzzy clustering and Classification which will be a great add-on to the Orange users.

I would be glad to take up the challenge of doing more research and implementing this project myself, provided some initial guidance from any of the community members. I have done detailed study and implementation(Matlab) of couple of papers on Fuzzy Clustering which has been an inspiration behind this idea. I have also done a survey on the functionalities of the fuzzy toolbox of Matlab and have ideas to make a better version with Orange.

Wishing for a good response and comments from you guys. :)

Fuzzy J-Means: a new heuristic for fuzzy clustering - Nabil Belacel
Speeding up Fuzzy Clustering with Neural Network Techniques - Christian Borgelt


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