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High Frustration

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High Frustration

Postby LetterRip » Tue May 13, 2014 0:06


I've been experimenting with Orange, and am encountering a number of frustration points

1) Incomplete/Missing/Hard to find/Outdated documentation

almost none of the functions have docstrings, many report they accept argv argc which isn't helpful at all.

All of the online documentation refers to Orange 2 which the name space is completely disorganized. Orange 3 the name space is organized, but usually a google search doesn't turn up the right documentation.

Documentation appears to imply that learners can handle continous data, but all of them barf on continuous data that I've tried. So then I used discretization following the example code and get errors which there is no documentation for.

2) The Orange GUI seems to have errors with propogating data, and is extremely fragile.

While I love the idea of Orange, the seeming lack of robustness, the lack of documentation especially lack of docstrings, and the limitation to discrete data causes it to lose much of its appeal.

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