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exception in orange-source-snap-2005-10-19.tgz linux

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exception in orange-source-snap-2005-10-19.tgz linux

Postby johannct » Fri Oct 21, 2005 6:36

I am trying to add a distribution widget on the schema window and I get :
Unhandled exception of type exceptions.RuntimeError occured at 22:35:31:
File: in line 241
Function name: addWidget
Code: newwidget = orngCanvasItems.CanvasWidget(self.signalManager, self.canvas, self.canvasView, widget, self.canvasDlg.defaultPic, self.canvasDlg)
File: in line 347
Function name: __init__
Code: self.instance = eval(code)
File: in line 387
Function name: __init__
Code: self.activateLoadedSettings()
File: in line 392
Function name: activateLoadedSettings
Code: self.graph.setShowMainTitle(self.showMainTitle)
File: in line 184
Function name: setShowMainTitle
Code: self.setTitle(None)
Exception type: exceptions.RuntimeError
Exception value: cannot pass None as argument 0 in this call

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