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Building under Linux (yet again)

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Building under Linux (yet again)

Postby Azaroth » Tue Aug 01, 2006 16:08

I'm building under Fedora Core 4, gcc 4.0.0. Python 2.4
Downloaded the release and the latest snapshot.

* Issue: NumPy puts the headers for NumArray in a numarray directory.
Fix: Changed all instances of #include Numeric/arrayobject to numarray/arrayobject
(eg numeric_interface.cpp, etc)

* Issue: NumPy doesn't have as many types as the old Numeric.
Fix: Delete references to PyArray_UBYTE and PyArray_LONG from switches.
(eg numeric_interface.cpp)

* Issue: Doesn't compile with gcc 4 and templates.
Fix: Copied latest files from snapshot with the submitted patch.

* Issue: pyxtract doesn't exist!
Fix: Copied from snapshot

* Issue: pyxtract/ copies characters into import_r.jpp
Fix: dllfname = dllfname.replace("", "")

* Issue: orangeom and orangene directories don't exist.
Fix: Copied from snapshot

Hope that helps :)

-- Azaroth

Postby azaroth » Wed Aug 02, 2006 11:51

So, you ask, why am I changing things to use NumPy when I should be using Numeric?

That would be because Numeric is deprecated and all of the documents, downloads etc now reference numpy instead. The web page pointed to from the Orange documentation is NumPy even, not Numeric.

There's a script to convert the python over:

But the C level changes need to be done by hand, obviously.

-- Azaroth

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