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DiscretizedDomains vs. DomainDiscretization

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DiscretizedDomains vs. DomainDiscretization

Postby Feanor76 » Tue Aug 15, 2006 14:52

Under the latest stable (may-31), comments in discretize.hpp indicate that DiscretizedDomains are deprecated and that they are replaced with DomainDiscretization. However, when I import orange, I only see the deprecated DiscretizedDomains and not the new DomainDiscretization.

Anyone have luck with this in a more recent build? Also, any more documentation available with these?


Postby Janez » Tue Aug 15, 2006 17:11

Hi Mark,

I checked and found that none of these classes is used anywhere in the C++ code. Although you can see the DiscretizedDomain in Python, you can't call any of its specific methods, hence these classes are not used at all.

I guess that they must be here from when Orange didn't have the Python interface. What they do is better done in Python (see and the corresponding pages in Orange Reference and Orange Modules), so I'll just remove them.

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