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Postby cyracks » Fri Nov 17, 2006 1:20

1) Data->File (open
2) Visualize -> Sieve multigram
3) Connect
ˇ ˇ

Unhandled exception of type exceptions.AttributeError occured at 1:09:11:
File: in line 751
Function name: processSignals
Code: handler(value)
File: in line 129
Function name: data
Code: self.updateGraph()
File: in line 142
Function name: updateGraph
Code: self.graph.updateData(, self.getShownAttributeList(),
self.probabilities, self.statusBar)
File: in line 117
Function name: updateData
Code: for valXindex in range(len(data.domain[attrXName].values)):
Exception type: exceptions.AttributeError
Exception value: 'FloatVariable' has no attribute 'values'

Postby Janez » Fri Nov 17, 2006 19:44

Sieve was not very polite, but what he wanted to say was that he cannot handle continuous attributes. :)

We'll fix that, but for now just put the data through widget Data/Discretize or remove all continuous attributes from the Sieve multigram. (This behaves a bit weird, too, but it works.)

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