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Error on Ubuntu 9.10

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Error on Ubuntu 9.10

Postby Jens Humrich » Wed Mar 24, 2010 14:51

after building Orange from source and installing the QWT patch from ... hive-extra, the Orange Canvas is now runing stable. But sadly the Help-function is not working. It produces the following output:

There were problems importing the following widgets:
OWCorrAnalysis: No module named qttable
The following widgets could not be imported and will not be available: OWCorrAnalysis.
Unhandled exception of type AttributeError occured at 14:40:10:
File:, line 83 in helpOnActiveWidget
Code: widget.instance.openWidgetHelp()
File:, line 695 in openWidgetHelp
Code: qApp.canvasDlg.helpWindow.showHelpFor(self, True)
File:, line 33 in showHelpFor
Code: if os.path.relpath(widget.thisWidgetDir, widget.addOnsDir).startswith(widget._category):
AttributeError: 'OWFile' object has no attribute 'thisWidgetDir'

Any help would be deeply appreciated.
Jens Humrich

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