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textmining add-on does not load properly

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textmining add-on does not load properly

Postby hugo_koopmans » Tue May 25, 2010 22:18


when i want to install the textmining add-on from the default repository i get :
OWLetterNgram: No module named _orngTextWrapper
OWTextDistance: No module named _orngTextWrapper
OWTextFeatureSelection: No module named _orngTextWrapper
OWTextPreprocess: No module named _orngTextWrapper
OWBagofWords: No module named _orngTextWrapper
OWWordNgram: No module named _orngTextWrapper
The following widgets could not be imported and will not be available: OWTextDistance, OWTextPreprocess, OWLetterNgram, OWTextFeatureSelection, OWBagofWords, OWWordNgram.

question: were does the add-on go?

I cannot find it in de widgets directory?

Postby matija » Wed May 26, 2010 10:39


Unfortunately, we have been unable to finish the add-on packaging routines due to tight schedules. Consequently, add-ons in those repositories are both out of date and incomplete. (We should probably note that somewhere.) Specifically, text mining contains some C++ code that needs to be compiled for a specific environment, and in this package, only Linux versions of the library are present.

I will have to kindly ask you to use the "conventional" (old) way of installing the add-on, downloading it from the Extensions page. Before installing, please remove the existing add-on installation through the Add-ons dialog.

Regarding your question - the Add-ons dialog installs add-ons alongside your Orange settings, probably somewhere under the Application Data directory of your Windows profile. (Sorry, I do not have a Windows machine handy to see the exact path.)

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