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inconsistent website access

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inconsistent website access

Postby biodan » Thu Aug 18, 2005 7:57

About half the time, when i try to access this website, i get an error "This site is under construction... Domain registered to Network solutions"

This happens most often when logged in via my OS X computers. Only rarely does it happen from my W2k box at home or either my Linux or XP boxes at work. (i now have both OS X & W2k boxes turned on since i'm still browsing this site from home while learning the nuances of Orange.)

Is there something strange about the xml/html code that rejects Safari or Camino about half the time? I guess i can try Firefox on OS X.

The server is most often affected - the ai.fri.uni-lj-si site usually comes up - but the links often fail from OSX. very strange.

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