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Bus error: 10

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Bus error: 10

Postby oleczek » Thu Mar 08, 2012 17:25


I am getting error: "Bus error: 10". What does it mean here? How can I trace it?

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C4.5 with -m 25 and -s
Learning tree

Test M10 <> 3.4e-05
   Lower = -0.000365392, Upper = 0.000229146

Test A10 <> 0.000614
   Lower = 0.00057196, Upper = 0.00085668
Bus error: 10

The code I use in this part is:
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        m = "25"
        print "\n\nC4.5 with -m "+m+" and -s"
        lrn = orange.C45Learner()
        lrn.commandline("-g -p -m "+m+" -s")
        print "Learning tree"
        tree = lrn(finaldata)
        print "done"

Sometimes, with slightly different data set it works. My env is: Os X Lion, Orange from February.


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