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Orange with Python under Windows 2000

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Orange with Python under Windows 2000

Postby Tsama » Wed Aug 31, 2005 9:26

Hi, I need to run Orange from normal User, but it seems to need Administrator o r Power User privileges to run.
In particular, a normal User is able to run python, but not phytonwin and so orange canvas...anyone could help me?

Postby tomaz » Fri Sep 09, 2005 17:31

There were two problems with the installation. One was that the shortcuts and Orange start menu group were installed only for the current user (Administrator). The other problem was with the registry section we used (current user instead of local machine).

I've fixed both errors and updated the installation programs. Please, try to download and install the latest stable version or the snapshot install/update. Let me know, if this fixes your problems.

With this fix you should be able to run orange as a normal user. You still need Administrative privileges to install Orange, because of some dlls that need to be installed in the system folder.

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