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Using Orange to look at internal automobile data

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Using Orange to look at internal automobile data

Postby RunDeep » Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:22

Hi all,
Just ran across Orange tonight when I Googled python and data mining. I've scanned through the tutorial and documentation and am hopeful it will work for the problem I am trying to solve.

I just bought a hybrid car and would like to extract information from the internal CAN databuses. You can do this using the OBD-II connector but it can be difficult to decode the data since the structure of the messages for much of the good stuff is not public information. For instance, I would like to push the cruise control switch and see what messages are sent or see what happens when I step on the brake, etc. I would like to log all bus data while doing these actions multiple time and then use Orange to pick out the likely messages that result from the actions. The messages are received in hexadecimal and have a structure that is generally known.

Is this something that Orange can do? If so does anybody have an good examples they can point out? I know the Prius community has done extensive work figuring out their codes (I think mostly by using Toyota documentation and inference) but I have one of the lessor known hybrids...

Thanks for the help

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