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graph drawing

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graph drawing

Postby shay » Wed Sep 07, 2005 15:09

I want to draw a simple graph (disconnected with many vertices and edges).does orange supply tools for easy graph drawing and transformations?
otherwise how can I draw lines and circles by orange?

(sorry if my questions are stupid ,python is new to me)

Postby Blaz » Wed Sep 07, 2005 19:52

Orange is just a data mining package, it does not include anything for drawing of graphs. If you will use it through scripting interface, you should find a package for graph drawing. In our lab, we use either dot from GraphViz ( or Pajek ( That is, in your script you would save the graph to some file and run either dot or Pajek on it.

For data plotting (from script) there are many packages that can be run from Python. I personally like matplotlib (

If you want to draw graphs from Orange in Qt, the simplest (but not neccessary the best) way to plot circles and graphs are using Qt Canvas ( You will find a number of widgets using this, and can perhaps learn from them as well.

For data plotting, widgets use Qwt (, through PyQwt,

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