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Looking for Orange course.

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Looking for Orange course.

Postby vheinitz » Tue Jan 08, 2013 18:19


I've just discovered Orange and want to learn it for SVM-based pattern recognition project.
Does biolab provide courses on it?
If not, could anyone (preferably from biolab) give me a quick introduction in orange (for an appropriate fee of cause)?
Either via TeamViewer or in a meeting (I am close to Frankfurt/Germany).
I am interested esepecially in features related SVM and data analysis/presentation related to it.

I am looking forward to your E-Mails at vheinitz at googlemail dot com or find my phone at heinitz-it dot de


Re: Looking for Orange course.

Postby Blaz » Sun Feb 03, 2013 18:03

Sorry, no courses are provided from Biolab on the topic. Orange wraps libsvm in both scripting and widgets, and there are is quite some documentation on it on its web site. Sorry, I know this is not exactly what you've been looking for, best wishes, Blaz

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