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Data input format

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Data input format

Postby jcblough » Fri May 31, 2013 16:08

I've been playing with Orange this morning and using the sample files and decided to make one of my own. Orange accepts the file and uses it but is using measures for attributes, etc.

Based on what I saw in the sample files, I tried to code each column "c" or "d" and added the "class" tag but orange only saw them as lines of data.

In my test, this is what the data looks like as a tab separated text file

1803 1312 1132 s7997

In this example, I want to run a clustering using the first 3 numbers, the 4th entry is a store number. Orange, in this example is clustering on the first 2 numbers, attaching the 3rd as an attribute. I thought at first the algorithm had just tossed out the 3rd as insignificant, but when I remove it, it just clusters on the first number, makes the 2nd an attribute.

I cannot seem to find any documentation on format nor can I find a way to specify attributes v/s labels in the tool, what am I missing?

Re: Data input format

Postby Ales » Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:27

See the Loading and saving data documentation for a description of the data format. Note that the file must have a '.tab' extension.

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