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out of memory

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out of memory

Postby baanz » Mon Feb 17, 2014 17:30

Import data and data analysis:

I handle data tables with + 500.000 rows and about 100 columns for measurement data analysis.

As I import data via .csv import, the progress runs out of memory. Finally I figured out a succeeding way, nevertheless trying some scatter plots etc. I faced same problems.
system: 3GB RAM, 64 Bit Win7
I would be thankful for any hints.

Beside the online documentation is there any other source?

Re: out of memory

Postby Ales » Thu Feb 20, 2014 14:42

The binaries we provide for Windows are only 32-bit. This means that even if run on a 64 bit system the process can only address at most 4GB of virtual memory (I think Windows limits this even further to 2G).

You might try Christoph Gohlke 64-bit unofficial builds which also includes Orange. In particular you will need to install the official python-2.7.6-amd64 (If you want to keep your current Python installation install it in some other place then the default (for instance C:\Python27-64\), and when prompted to select components to install (Customize Python screen) unselect the "Register Extensions"), then find and install the following packages from the Christoph Gohlke's site:


Be careful to select the proper installer among different choices (look for py2.7 and x64 or amd64 in the name)

Note that this will not install the Start Menu/Desktop shortcuts for Orange Canvas. However the program launcher should be installed in C:\Python27-64\Scripts\orange-canvas.exe (you can create the Desktop shortcut manually).

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