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Orange Canvas in linux

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Orange Canvas in linux

Postby malv » Sun Jan 15, 2006 23:22

I Just installed orange on a Suse10.0 linux system with a fully operational Python 2,4,1, Qt3.3.5, PyQt.

I was trying to get canvas going. My first impression from the limited documentation is that this seems to apply only to windows.
In fact what is exactly the file orngCanvas.pyw for?

As I have an eric3 IDE, would it be possible to get going with a under a project with canvas?

Thank you for helping

Postby Guest » Mon Jan 16, 2006 14:11

I looked a bit further into the above problem and found out that the file orngCanvas.pyw only contains py code. Dropping the final w to make it started orange canvas immediately.

Sorry for answering my own question. Being a complete newcomer to orange and having never looked at python under windows, I could have used a few lines of help for non-windows users.

I'm on my way now. Orange seems to be a very nice package.
Thank you all.

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