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Postby anovelli » Wed Jul 19, 2006 20:01


Can I use Orange functionality from .NET in some way?



Postby Janez » Thu Jul 20, 2006 15:36

Orange.pyd is a .dll which, besides the function needed by Python exports practically all Orange's classes, which can be called from C++. I don't know .NET, but if you can call (unmanaged) C++ code from other languages you can use Orange that way.

The problem, probably minor, would be that Orange is dynamically linked with Python libraries, so after Python imports Orange, Orange can call its functions. If Orange is called from languages other than Python, this should be turned around; Orange's initialization should call the Python's, I guess that you should put a call to PyInitialize into the Orange dll's init.

You can try, but it would be much easier to use Python as a glue language between your code and Orange. I'd do it that way, despite my intimate knowledge of Orange's internals.

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