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Orange vs. commercial data mining software

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Orange vs. commercial data mining software

Postby Piotr » Wed Nov 01, 2006 23:36


I just doscovered 'orange' - did you ever compare resoults of data mining procedure in orange to resoults in other data mining software?
Do you have such a comparitions to Clementine (SPSS Product) or SAS Enterprise miner?
What are the diffferences between Your software and commercial products?


Postby Blaz » Sat Nov 11, 2006 15:20

Piotr, we do occasionally compare some Orange implementations with those from other packages (reimplementation of ReliefF was for instance the last subject to such comparison).

We do not regularly compare Orange with comercial packages - this is not something one can do mechanically (e.g. implementation of classification trees should work similarly everywhere, but the difference is how easy is to use them, test them, employ them, visualize them, ...). And at the end there's also speed of execution (I was once on presentation when one java package and Oracle's data miner were compared to Orange w.r.t. speed).

What you mention are just tools, it is what would you like to do with them that should determine your selection.

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