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orange widgets -Naive Bayes and c45 classifiers

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orange widgets -Naive Bayes and c45 classifiers

Postby d » Sun Jan 16, 2005 21:40

I have some questions about Orange Canvas:
1. which widget shold I use to view the conditional probabilities from the Naive Bayes classifier?

2.Is there any way to see all the records with the predict value for each record (for the training and the test data)?

3. I have a problem in Building the C4.5 plug-in. I tried to do it the way you explain in:, but I can't find the and ensemble.c files.

Postby Blaz » Mon Jan 17, 2005 15:51

For viewing cond prob in naive Bayes: there is no widget for that, but there is a widget that displays a nomogram (Nomogram in Classify). The values nomograms use are transformed from conditional probabilities (see "Nomograms for Visualization of Naive Bayesian Classifier" in If you really need conditional probabilities, build naive Bayesian model in script and print out conditionalDistributions, see

Widget called Classifications in Evaluate tab displays estimated probabilities given the data and the model.

Postby Janez » Mon Jan 17, 2005 16:47

I've fixed the broken links on the web page, so you can now download the missing files for building C4.5.

I'll check the distribution later, but I think these files should now be included in the latest snapshot. I guess I've fixed this already quite a while ago.


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