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Some Notes on Building Orange from CVS Sources

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Some Notes on Building Orange from CVS Sources

Postby Feanor76 » Thu Mar 08, 2007 18:48

Hello all,

This is a companion piece to building from stable sources. This takes the form of a shell script. You should be able to type commands in and go (for the most part). I don't cover building since that is covered in my other post.

Here you go:

cvs login
cvs rls

cvs co install-scripts
cvs co orngCRS
cvs co orange
cvs co source

mv source orange/
cp install-scripts/linux/ orange/

cd orange/source
# have the dedos effect all *.?pp files
# including .hpp, .jpp, etc.
sed 's/cpp/\?pp' dedos > tmp.dedos
mv tmp.dedos dedos
bash dedos

cd ..

# you might have to build orngCRS if you don't have a magic
# directory like I do
cp ../../../magic/ ./

sed 's/ADDVERSION/`date +%D`/' >

# not sure why I always do this AND
# do the make but it seems to work
python compile
# this is definitely required
python install --orangepath=~/pythonlib/

# lib files aren't copied for some reason
cp *.so ~/pythonlib/orange/

That's about it. You may have to monkey with the orange.pth file. It seems to be much happier with an absolute path (i.e., /home/on/the/range/pythonlibs then with relative or abbreviated paths like ../../pythonlib or ~/pythonlibs). Of course this is for a local install.


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