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How to create data blocks

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How to create data blocks

Postby Ales Lamut » Wed May 23, 2007 17:28

Hello there. I was wondering how to create data blocks in orange. For example we have the following table data:

A, B
0, 13
8, 2
2, 15
4, 7
3, 14
9, 1

The thing is i want to put similar data in one block (or "box"). In the example the pairs like 9,1 and 8,2 would go into one box, and 2,15 would go with 3,14.
The problem i am facing is a big amount of data with 2 attributes i would like to put in boxes (150 per box) and then solve the problem on the representatives of this box. This shortens the data very good.

Postby Blaz » Sat Jun 02, 2007 19:43

Couldn't data blocks be separate data sets. Which you would then characterize with prototype (one prototype for each data set) and then put these prototypes into a separate, prototype data set for modeling? these seems doable (in Python), the question is of course hod do you split the original large data set to subsets (but based on your question you seem to solve this problem already :).

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