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Weighted association rules?

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Weighted association rules?

Postby Jeff » Tue Jan 20, 2009 0:19

Hi, I am looking at Orange basket format for association rule mining as a simpler, speedier alternative to WEKA. I am impressed so far.

The docs say: "If examples are weighted, weight can be passed as an additional argument to call operator." How do I do this?

I use:
Code: Select all
rules = orange.AssociationRulesSparseInducer(data, data.weight, support = 0.5)

and get an error. (It works fine without data.weight.) What's wrong?


Postby Janez » Sun Mar 01, 2009 19:10

Jeff, data.weight() (with parentheses) is a function which returns the total weight of examples in the table. AssociationRulesSparseInduces expects an ID of an attribute for weight. You can read about weights in

(By the way, adding parentheses does something even worse: it crashes Orange, which is probably related to that id has to be a negative number. We'll fix that.)

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