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problems: download source using svn

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problems: download source using svn

Postby gtjemwa » Mon Feb 02, 2009 20:01

hi all. I'm new here and look forward to a fruitful fun mlearn experience with orange. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

I'm running linux lenny rc1 on a 32-bit processor. From the download page, this would imply i should download via svn. Unfortunately, svn is giving me BIG problems only with orange. When at work, the svn checkout never starts (I get a timeout problem I think). When connecting directly at home (instead of going through a proxy), some files get downloaded but the checkout process stalls at some point and I get a similar timeout error "could not read response body connection reset by" Any possible ways to avoid this so I can get started already with version 1.0? (I notice there's a link to a tarball of version 0.9xxx which I can try but it seems ver 1.0b has more functionality).

Postby gtjemwa » Thu Feb 05, 2009 14:00

As a follow up to my initial query, is it possible to have UPDATED daily snaphots zipped tarballs? The current links on the download page point to outdated versions ( for qt3 and orange-source-snap-2008-01-04.tgz for qt4) . I tried one of them but got compile errors that I may not share due to fact they are probably corrected in the current version.

thank you.

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