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Don't care and Don't know values

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Don't care and Don't know values

Postby GuyHoozdis » Tue Apr 14, 2009 23:09

I get an error message "argument -dc is not supported any more". I can't see to find any comments or documentation about this change. Anybody know anything?

I don't really need the "-dc" option. What I want to do is set the "-dk BAD_VALUE" option for specific columns. I used this dataset in a tree learning algorithm and was surprised to find that the tree used "BAD_VALUE" at branches and leaves. What behavior should I expect for the use of "don't know" values.

I realize that the details of handling DC and DK may be different for different learning techniques, but what is the "convention" of orange when dealing with DC/DK values. For trees, should I expect that DK values will not appear in branches? Can DK values appear at leaf nodes?


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