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An Error occured !

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An Error occured !

Postby hfong » Wed Apr 15, 2009 20:16

we ran the regressoin tree model.
We got the tree but we could not get the test learner result. what went wrong?

An error occourred. Please see the following message:

Unhandled exception of type KernelException occured at 15:07:51:
File:, line 542 in processSignals
Code: handler(value, (widgetFrom, nameFrom, id))
File:, line 372 in setLearner
Code: self.score([id])
File:, line 245 in score
Code: callback=pb.advance, storeExamples = True)
File:, line 185 in crossValidation
Code: return testWithIndices(learners, (examples, weight), indices,
indicesrandseed, pps, **argkw)
File:, line 403 in testWithIndices
Code: cr = classifiers[cl](ex, orange.GetBoth)
KernelException: bad allocation [/quote]

Postby GuyHoozdis » Sun Apr 19, 2009 0:37

Hello hfong,

I have not used the regression tree, but I have seen similar errors doing other things with the GUI. You might try accomplishing your task using scripts that you write instead of the GUI. If your scripts succeed, then I would say that the error is likely in the widget some where. Review the options you have set to configure your objects. If your scripts fail, then you should have another stack trace to look at! Sometimes they can be hard to interpret; most often I have found that the problem is in my dataset. There is a value buried in there that is in the wrong/unexpected format.

Working through the problem in the interpreter is fast if datasets are not too large. If your datasets are large, make sure you are not running out of memory on the system.

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