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Controlling nomogram appearance

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Controlling nomogram appearance

Postby bgbg » Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:04

I have produced a nomogram of bayes classifier. However, I need to bring it to the so-called "publication quality". Mainly, I need to enlarge the font size, and make much thicker lines. The following code attempts to do exactly this task, but it has no effect on the graph I see on the screen:

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import sys
import orange, orngSVM, orngBayes, orngTest, orngStat
import os
import OWROC
import OWNomogram
import pickle

strDir = r'Q:\some\dir'
strDataFile = r'data.dump'

data = pickle.load(open(os.path.join(strDir, strDataFile)))
b = orngBayes.BayesLearner() = 'bayes'
learners = [b]
results = orngTest.learnAndTestOnLearnData(learners, data)
a = OWNomogram.QApplication(sys.argv)
ow = OWNomogram.OWNomogram()
ow.lineWidth = 2
ow.alignType = 1 # by zero influence
ow.contType = 2 # 0 - 1D, 1 - 2D
ow.yAxis = 0
ow.fontSize = 12
ow.sort_type = 2 # positive influence
ow.TargetClassIndex = 1

Any ideas?

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