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orange into Debian?

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orange into Debian?

Postby yarikoptic » Thu Jul 09, 2009 15:56

Dear Developers and Orange Users,

I am one from the army of Debian GNU/Linux developers, as well as one of the PyMVPA ( authors. I thought it would be very beneficial for the Debian community and might be myself if I take the burden of packaging and shipping orange into Debian.

But first I thought to consult with you

1. What version of orange should I aim at packaging at the moment -- stable 1.0 which uses Qt 2.3 or current snapshot which aims at Qt 4? ie how soon do you expect some new release so may be it is worth packaging trunk right away?

2. source/orangeom/som -- is under non-GPL compatible license (no commercial use, only for research) -- I wonder if you had previously tried to contact the authors to get it relicensed? may be SOM module could be replaced with some alternative distributed under GPL-compatible license?

3. any plans on switching from svn to some distributed version control, or may be keeping an official git "mirror" of the SVN, like scipy people do: I am asking because I think I am the one to blame for the death of your http server a few days ago ;) I was fetching your full SVN using git-svn and the server died somewhere around 4000 revision. GIT repository is very efficient in its storage, so your full SVN development history (with 7000 revisions) fit into 260MB (growth in size is primarily due to quite a bit of binary files, external packages like numpy etc, and their changes/additions/removals through the course of development). I saw someone posting patches from git, so I guess there is a demand ;)

orange into Debian?

Postby jfjanssen » Mon Jul 13, 2009 20:28

I, for one, would *very much* welcome that step: it would be much more straightforward to install Orange on Ubuntu, and I think that that could increase the number of users significantly.

I really do hope there are more folks interested in this, especially the developers!

Postby Mitar » Mon Aug 16, 2010 13:34

We have made our own Debian repository. Maybe you would be interested in checking it.

Great work, thanks!

Postby jfjanssen » Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:55

Great work, thanks!

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