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association rules

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association rules

Postby beacska » Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:04

I try to run Association Rules for a database with products purchase.
I have 0 if wasn't purchased, 1 if it was, and none (missing) if doesn't apply.
I want to see how different products are bought together.

Examples: 1365
Attributes: 188
Meta attributes: 0

I defined the missing values: Don't care = 0
Don't know=?

But when I press Build Rules, and check in Association Rules Explorer, seems that nothing happens. Do you have any idea why?

Thanks a lot,

Postby Blaz » Mon Aug 03, 2009 13:33

Without even a sample of the data it is very hard to guess what went wrong. First, though, 0 should not be used as don't care (leave the settings in the File as they are by default, check if what you read displays ok in the Data Table). If this fails, read instead the (from the documentation data sets) and see if you get any results there (you should).

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