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Test learners random sampling

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Test learners random sampling

Postby bodyguardfd » Wed Nov 04, 2009 13:21

I am new to Orange... My question probably has a simple answer. When using the widget "Test Learners" with the random sampling radio checked,everytime the result result is the followng exception (see below), not allowing me to do anything more . I use the windows installation. Installations is problem free and I also tried to reinstall Orange, but nothing changes...


There were problems importing the following widgets:
OWScatterPlotXp: No module named RandomArray
OWSimon: No module named qt
OWCorrAnalysis: No module named qttable
The following widgets could not be imported and will not be available: OWCorrAnalysis.
The following prototype widgets could not be imported and will not be available: OWScatterPlotXp, OWSimon.
Unhandled exception of type UnboundLocalError occured at 12:57:58:
File:, line 1399 in __call__
Code: self.f(**kwds)
File:, line 453 in newsampling
Code: self.recompute()
File:, line 469 in recompute
Code: self.score([ for l in self.learners.values()])
File:, line 285 in score
Code: times=self.pRepeat, callback=pb.advance, storeExamples = True)
File:, line 170 in proportionTest
Code: learnAndTestOnTestData(learners, (learnset, weight), (testset, weight), testResults, time, pps, **argkw)
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'testResults' referenced before assignment

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