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Postby zimisawi » Fri Jun 04, 2010 14:42

Hi I'm a new user. I've gone through the tutorial but even though I've run the latest version of orange available online (Snapshot of Orange with Python 2.5 and required libraries), I don't have the k means module on my orange canvas. I've looked into the add-on but in the ones available there is not k means. can anybody help me?

Postby Ales » Fri Jun 04, 2010 19:01

k-means should normally be in the Unsupervised widget category.
Can you post the contents of the orange canvas output window after starting up (go to menu Options -> Show Output Window)

Postby zimisawi » Mon Jun 07, 2010 10:56

There were problems importing the following widgets:
OWANOVA: No module named qt
OWApproxProfiles: No module named scipy.stats
OWDataDistance: No module named qt
OWDisplayMotifs: name 'QwtCurve' is not defined
OWEpistasisAnalysis: No module named qt
OWExampleSelector: No module named qttable
OWGenomeMap: No module named qtcanvas
OWHypTest: No module named qt
OWBagofWords: No module named _orngTextWrapper
OWLetterNgram: No module named _orngTextWrapper
OWTextDistance: No module named _orngTextWrapper
OWTextFeatureSelection: No module named _orngTextWrapper
OWTextPreprocess: No module named _orngTextWrapper
OWWordNgram: No module named _orngTextWrapper
The following widgets could not be imported and will not be available: OWTextDistance, OWTextPreprocess, OWLetterNgram, OWTextFeatureSelection, OWBagofWords, OWWordNgram.
The following prototype widgets could not be imported and will not be available: OWGenomeMap, OWEpistasisAnalysis, OWDataDistance, OWANOVA, OWDisplayMotifs, OWApproxProfiles, OWHypTest, OWExampleSelector.

Thank you

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