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Orange compilation under VS 2003

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Orange compilation under VS 2003

Postby Grugar » Fri Apr 29, 2005 11:36

I'm completly new with python and orange :? . I try to compile the orange from the source 0.95 in the VS 2003 .NET but, I don't have any ppp files. Should they be generated or something else? How get I those files?

Thanks for help

Postby Janez » Thu May 05, 2005 16:07

Just run the _pyxtract.bat in the directory "source" (NOT the one in "source/orange" or any other subdirectories). We should put this in the VS's project files.

Did you have any problems converting the .dsp files from VS 6.0 to .NET? When I did it, VC.NET rejected some (but not all) files so I had to add the into the workspace manually and then reconstruct the dependencies ('corn', 'orange' and 'statc' depend on 'include' - this was lost when the files were not loaded/converted). I don't know why is this.

Apart from that, Orange has to compile, but with quite a few warnings (nothing dangerous though). Tell me if you run into something else.

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