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Orange on 64-bit OS

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Orange on 64-bit OS

Postby dizmangj » Sat Aug 04, 2007 0:22

Hi, my name is Jimmy, I tried running Orange on a 64-bit linux OS, but it seems like Orange has only been designed for a 32-bit OS so far. Is there any way to make the orange binary executable run for my machine, or is there any way you could possibly describe how to make it possible to run on a 64-bit and I'll try to change it to get it to run? Or are there any possible workarounds I could do to get it to run on this machine? Thanks a lot for your help.


Orange on a 64-bit OS

Postby polz » Mon Aug 06, 2007 9:17

I'm running Debian on amd64 and Orange seems to work fine here.
The version I'm running was compiled from a CVS snapshot a little over a month ago.
To get orange running on your machine, you should follow the instructions for building Orange from the source.

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