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how to build from cvs ?

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how to build from cvs ?

Postby ita » Tue Aug 03, 2004 10:02


Since the cvs snapshot did not compile (debian linux, the error was "no rule to make "orange/hclust_wiser.cpp", necessary for "obj/hclust_wiser.o""), i decided to use the cvs version.

After the commands :
* export CVSROOT=""
* cvs login (password "cvs")
* cvs co orange
.. an orange directory is created, but it does not contain any 'Makefile'.
Is that the right way for dowloading and compiling orange cvs, or is there something else to do ?



Postby ita » Tue Aug 03, 2004 15:41

I finally managed to compile orange cvs, using the source/ directory of the daily snapshot, and running "python".

However, the library build does not contain the module orngTree (which is available in the snapshot though).

Postby Janez » Wed Aug 04, 2004 14:13


daily snapshots are made automatically from the CVS at 2am, so the two sources differ only by what was changed during the day. You must have been unlucky to do the CVS checkout in time between I committed some changes and checked/fixed them on Linux (a few hours later). I'm trying to organize the cycle so that it won't happen that often any more (you're not the only one to complain about that).

To use CVS, you need to checkout modules 'source' and 'orange'. If you just checked out 'orange', you got the orng modules and documentation, but not the sources. I need to tell that on the web page.

I don't know why orngTree was missing. Indeed, I initially forgot to include the orng modules in snapshots, but I fixed this a week ago. Anyway, it surely is in today's distribution (I just checked).

A colleague is (still) working on the binary distribution for Linux (Redhat, but should hopefuly work on other Linux distributions as well), so this will relieve you from having to compile it yourself.


Postby tomaz » Thu Oct 27, 2005 11:11

For Linux installation please see download page.

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