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Crash on startup - Archlinux

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Crash on startup - Archlinux

Postby clement » Sun Mar 06, 2011 18:14

Hello there,

Doing some datamining school project, I would like to give Orange a try (actually, the UI looks better than Knime's :-) ).

I'm running Archlinux, so I simply downloaded the latest nightly and runned
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sudo python2 install

as specified in README.txt.

Then running
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I got nothing but the startup-loading popup ("Register Widget x..." etc.), and a brief blank window.

So I searched a bit through this section and found some other problems that looked like mine, mainly related to PyQt version, and PyQt's binding.

I did
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>>> from PyQt4.QtCore import qVersion, PYQT_VERSION_STR
>>> print qVersion(), PYQT_VERSION_STR

That brought me the following results :
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4.7.2 4.8.3

And I don't know what to do now.
Can you help please ?

Re: Crash on startup - Archlinux

Postby Ales » Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:34

Does the orange-canvas script print any output. Also can you post the contents of "~/.orange/OrangeCanvasQt4/outputLog.html".

Re: Crash on startup - Archlinux

Postby Ales » Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:28

This is probably the same problem as

Re: Crash on startup - Archlinux

Postby clement » Mon Mar 07, 2011 13:23

Thank you for your time.

orange-canvas does not print any output.

As for outputLog.html, here is what I get :

There were problems importing the following widgets:
OWMDS: No module named Qwt5
OWNetExplorer: No module named Qwt5
OWHierarchicalClustering: No module named Qwt5
OWNetworkFromDistances: No module named Qwt5
OWSOMVisualizer: No module named Qwt5
OWDistanceMap: No module named Qwt5
OWInteractionGraph: No module named Qwt5
OWKMeans: No module named Qwt5
OWCalibrationPlot: No module named Qwt5
OWROC: No module named Qwt5
OWLiftCurve: No module named Qwt5
OWItemsetViz: No module named Qwt5
OWMetaMiner: No module named scipy.stats
OWDataGenerator: No module named Qwt5
OWScatterPlot3D: No module named OpenGL
OWQuickSelect: No module named Qwt5
OWModelEmbedder: No module named Qwt5
OWCompare: No module named Qwt5
OWRScript: No module named rpy2.robjects
OWPerformanceCurves: No module named Qwt5
OWTimeline: No module named Qwt5
OWTimeDataVisualizer: No module named Qwt5
OWScatterPlot: No module named Qwt5
OWMosaicDisplay: No module named Qwt5
OWCorrespondenceAnalysis: No module named Qwt5
OWSieveDiagram: No module named Qwt5
OWAttributeStatistics: No module named Qwt5
OWRadviz: No module named Qwt5
OWMultiCorrespondenceAnalysis: No module named Qwt5
OWLinProj: No module named Qwt5
OWDistributions: No module named Qwt5
OWPolyviz: No module named Qwt5
OWParallelCoordinates: No module named Qwt5
OWSurveyPlot: No module named Qwt5
OWSieveMultigram: No module named Qwt5
OWDiscretize: No module named Qwt5
The following widgets could not be imported and will not be available: OWLiftCurve, OWSurveyPlot, OWHierarchicalClustering, OWLinProj, OWMultiCorrespondenceAnalysis, OWDistributions, OWMosaicDisplay, OWDistanceMap, OWInteractionGraph, OWNetworkFromDistances, OWScatterPlot, OWMDS, OWPolyviz, OWSieveMultigram, OWDiscretize, OWNetExplorer, OWSieveDiagram, OWRadviz, OWCalibrationPlot, OWParallelCoordinates, OWCorrespondenceAnalysis, OWSOMVisualizer, OWROC, OWKMeans, OWAttributeStatistics.
The following prototype widgets could not be imported and will not be available: OWPerformanceCurves, OWRScript, OWModelEmbedder, OWItemsetViz, OWTimeline, OWQuickSelect, OWTimeDataVisualizer, OWDataGenerator, OWMetaMiner, OWScatterPlot3D, OWCompare.
Unhandled exception of type RuntimeError occured at 18:06:03:
  File: orange-canvas, line8 in <module>
  Code: execfile(__canvas)
    File: orngCanvas.pyw, line903 in <module>
    Code: sys.exit(main())
      File: orngCanvas.pyw, line893 in main
      Code: dlg = OrangeCanvasDlg(app)
        File: orngCanvas.pyw, line200 in __init__
        Code: self.reportWindow = OWReport.ReportWindow()
          File:, line123 in __new__
          Code: self.currentContexts = {}# the "currentContexts" MUST be the first thing assigned to a widget
            File:, line894 in __setattr__
            Code: return unisetattr(self, name, value, QDialog)
              File:, line52 in unisetattr
              Code: controlledAttributes = getattr(self, "controlledAttributes", None)
                RuntimeError: underlying C/C++ object has been deleted

Indeed, it seems related to the problem you are pointing (I also run sip version 4.12.1). I will try to rollback sip to a former version.

Re: Crash on startup - Archlinux

Postby Evert » Mon Mar 07, 2011 13:26

but you would also have to install qwt5 and py-qwt5 (or whatever it is called on Arch) ...
qwt5 is a Qt plotting framework/module/...

Re: Crash on startup - Archlinux

Postby clement » Mon Mar 07, 2011 14:10

Yep, I already fixed that part of the problem :)

Re: Crash on startup - Archlinux

Postby clement » Tue Mar 08, 2011 8:22


You are going to hate me... Now the compilation halt on "pyxtract - no such file or directory"

Thank you anyway :)

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