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[GSoC] Visualization

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[GSoC] Visualization

Postby Noughmad » Sun Mar 27, 2011 20:20

My name is Miha Čančula and I'm a 3rd year Physics student from Ljubljana. I'm writing in english becase maybe others will want to know this as well.

I'm very interested in the first idea about replacing PyQwt with new vesualizations, both 2D and 3D. I think I have enough experience, because I've already written programs with PyQt, Qt graphics classes and even a 3D graphics program using Qt and OpenGL. As a physics student I also have good knowledge of drawing draphs and plots.

However, I'm not very familiar with your project, so I don't know what kind of graphics are expected. I just heard about it from an email at our faculty's maililng list and I haven't had a chance to install try it. I'm downloading the source now, and will take a close look at the OWGraph class tomorrow. I'll also start writing my proposal tomorrow, it is enough if just take a look at the current code, or are there some specific things I should know before I start?

Thank you,
Miha Čančula

Re: [GSoC] Visualization

Postby miha » Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:08

We have a base class for drawing interactive plots (scatterplots, radviz, histograms, graphs, ...). Unfortunately, it uses PyQwt library, that is not very estaetically pleasing and the development of it seems stalled. We are not using much of Qwt, so we would like to replace it with the new Qt graphics classes.

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