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Regression Techniques in data mining

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Regression Techniques in data mining

Postby HarshitDubey » Mon Mar 28, 2011 13:37

I m a Third Year Dual Degree ( B.Tech + MS by research) Student in Computer Science from IIIT Hyderabad. I am doing my masters in the field of data mining and has worked upon the field of regression. I have worked upon Weka and other data mining tools, and i found that there is a lot of scope to develop Regression algorithms.
Also i have built some Social Networking application on cloud platform and for mobile devices, so i was also interested to work upon the idea of "A social platform for Orange".
I have experience of working on Python , C , php, Distributed database system (Mongo Db), J2me , Android.

So please guide me how to move ahead.

Thank You,
Harshit Dubey

Re: Regression Techniques in data mining

Postby Blaz » Tue Mar 29, 2011 13:23

Dear Harshit,

Please consult our ideas page, and if there is anything where you think your expertise would fit, please write the proposal and send it to us. You mention that regression techniques are something that you find interesting. This could be a proposal (that, though, does not fit our list of ideas), but you could still write a proposal about it.

Did you check what regression techniques are already implemented in Orange, and which of those that you are familiar with and are state of the art are missing?

Best wishes,

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