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Question about GSoC project

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Question about GSoC project

Postby zhang33 » Mon Mar 28, 2011 18:35


My name is Yiwei Zhang and I am a graduate student major in computer science. I feel very interested in Multi-label classification as currently I am focusing on machine learning algorithms for Bioinformatics.

I would like to implement the algorithms in MULAN. Since I am proficient in C++, I wonder whether I can re-write the code in C++ and fit it in Orange which is written in Python?


Re: Question about GSoC project

Postby matija » Mon Mar 28, 2011 18:59

Dear student,

Orange is partly written in C++ mainly for performance reasons, and the C++ classes and functions are "bridged" to Python. Implementation of multi-label classification algorithms in C++ would be most welcome, however, the task will undoubtedly include some Python programming. The GUI widgets, for example, have to be written in Python, and some existing Python code will probably have to be adapted.

That said, Python is a nice, useful and easy to learn language, so that should not be a big problem.

Best regards,

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