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Question on the doc

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Question on the doc

Postby pezang » Fri Sep 09, 2005 22:21

Having the hardest time navigating the doc. Is there something like pydoc or javadoc that will tell you what the classes are, their methods, their arguments, types, etc?

I see a bunch of examples like:

data = orange.ExampleTable("../doc/datasets/lenses")
tree = orange.C45Learner(data)

But I want to know the type/class of data and tree and a list of the methods for that class, what those methods do, arguments etc. Is there also a top level listing doc of what you can call with I know there's ExampleTable, C45Learner, BayesLearner, and a few others from browsing through the doc but where can I find a full list of all the methods/classes etc in module orange?

I should note I don't use Windows and so can't use Pythonwin.

Thanks in advance!!

Postby sesam » Fri Sep 23, 2005 10:55

Hi, I think you'll have to do with
and searching the sources. Both these can be accessed from CVS, so you can then search their contents in your own filesystem.

I've also used Eclipse with the Xored TruStudio python plugin, which is free under certain conditions. Consult their website for the details and maybe you can request a license from them.
It has "builders" which index the source and help the programmer with code completion, showing available parameters and cross-referencing the sources.

Parts of TruStudio area actually free either way, but maybe not the needed "builders". The "warnings" and "errors" given for python code are not very accurate, so probably you'll want to disable most of them for now. I filed a bug report on this, so write me back if you want to know which warnings are too buggy and which I found useful.

Postby pezang » Fri Sep 23, 2005 12:21

Yeah, I've been going to the reference docs slowly. I think all the information is there, it's just organized differently. It's more task oriented whereas I was looking for more of a spec/top-down class diagram-ish coder's view of it.

The task oriented manner is good for some stuff, for the rest... well so far I've resorted to grepping through the whole doc for 'orange.' and piping it through uniq and sort =]

Thanks for the tip on xored. I've been having the hardest time finding a Python IDE I like. I've tried PyDev on Eclipse, Komodo, SPE, Eric3.. some how all of them lack something though my closest favorite so far is SPE. I'll give this one a shot, maybe it'll top them all.

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