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GSoc-Regarding Time Series Analysis and Neural Network

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GSoc-Regarding Time Series Analysis and Neural Network

Postby shubhankit » Tue Mar 27, 2012 18:03


I,Shubhankit Mohan,am a 4th year engineering undergraduate student at IIT Kharagpur,the best technology institute of the country.Being honest I am new to Open Source Development and I have never worked on any open source project before.I liked Orange as I have immense interest in coding, pure mathematics and algorithms.I have both a good programming background and a good mathematics background. I've worked in a number of programming languages including Python,C++ and Java. Mathematically, my strengths are largely in algebra,statistics and computing but I've taken courses in a variety of different subjects.

During my undergraduate studies,I have done extensive projects in time series and data analysis.During my summer internships as DBS Bank and Jade Hochshule,Germany,I used genetic algorithm,neural networks for financial data prediction and usage of neural network,ARIMA for computing dynamic GPS using live data feed.I undertook a research project in Gold-Silver Time series prediction using ARIMA,GA which culminated in publication of 5 papers in reputed international conference in the area of data analysis.

After looking at the suggested projects list I have found two projects to be especially interesting.

Idea 1:
I looked at the project ideas, and the project on Time-Series analysis which seems interesting to me. I have looked closely at the features/add-ons of Orange and needed to discuss with Mitar which could be utilized for integration into Orange.

I plan to make a basic tool which would carry out uni,bi and multivariate data analysis.It would consist of features such as auto-correlation,variance reduction,ARIMA forecasting,classical decomposition,single,cross spectral analysis.

Idea 2:

Neural Networks.I have a strong background in it through the various projects I have undertaken during my undergraduate studies.I would like to discuss with Jure on usage and implementation of specific open-source available(as various sources are present)

I have no experience in open-source projects, but I really want to get into it and contribute my part in it.My studies end on May 10th , so from the very beginning of the summer I can fully devote myself to the project.I work on Mac OS X Lion and Win 7.

Shubhankit Mohan

Re: GSoc-Regarding Time Series Analysis and Neural Network

Postby Mitar » Thu Mar 29, 2012 14:50

I can only speak about time series idea. As we do not have anything specific for that currently, any basic/initial support for time series analysis would be good. Keep that in mind while doing a proposal (if you decide for time series). What would also be important for us that we find some way of integrating time series with the rest of the Orange, for example to have some widget which would find some features we could work on with existing widgets. So some reading, displaying the data, and basic processing and feature extraction.

Proposal do not need to be too ambitious, the better is that it is realistic.

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