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Scatterplot/visualization "draw order"

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Scatterplot/visualization "draw order"

Postby JTFSensata » Mon Jul 01, 2013 14:33

Hello all,

I've been using Orange to help visualize and identify outliers in datasets of about ~20,000 rows, and have been having a bit of trouble with my scatterplots. Is there any way to control which group of points will be drawn first? For example, I'm looking to see where a pre-defined group of 10 samples fits in a population of ~15,000, but the general population's plotted points are so dense that they completely cover the test group. I can change spot size and transparency but that doesn't always help. Any suggestions to deal with this? How does Orange choose which group to plot first?

Also, I realize that this may not be Orange's intended function but would appreciate any tips on working with data sets of that size (50,000 x 400 in some cases).

Thanks and regards,

Re: Scatterplot/visualization "draw order"

Postby Ales » Fri Jul 05, 2013 10:13

JTFSensata wrote:How does Orange choose which group to plot first?
It does not (at least explicitly). The draw order then seems to be defined by the insertion order of the points, but at least in one code path (the one when the "Subset Data" input signal is present) the points are inserted by iterating over an (unordered) dictionary.
So there is really nothing you can do except raise this issue here on the forum. I have created a new ticket on our bug tracker but I can't promise any time frame for the resolution.

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