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adding learning references to orange documentation

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adding learning references to orange documentation

Postby cjrd » Mon Nov 11, 2013 5:14


I'm a contributor to the free and open source project Metacademy (, which is creating a curated web of machine learning concepts. The idea is that Metacademy can tell users how to efficiently learn a concept and all of its necessary prerequisites given their current knowledge. One of the motivations for this project was to help practitioners with varying backgrounds learn the intricacies of the algorithms they use (without spending a few months taking an online course or a few thousand dollars taking a traditional one).

Here's a quick example of a learning plan: ... regression

(click the graph button in the upper right to visualize the prerequisite structure)
(try clicking a few check marks of the concepts you know and pressing "hide" in the toolbox in the upper right -- this creates a personalized learning plan)

We thought adding pointers to metacademy concepts in the orange documentation could help interested practitioners gain a deeper understanding of these concepts. For instance, a number of concepts in your documentation link to wikipedia, e.g. the first link at ... ion.bayes/

but perhaps replacing this with the naive Bayes metacdemy link would be more helpful?

We currently have over 300 annotated concepts, which covers most of the functionality present in orange, and we are happy to add any missing concepts that orange users/contributors feel would benefit the documentation. If this sounds like something the current developers would be interested in doing, I'd be happy to help include the links in the documentation and e.g. submit a pull request for approval.

best wishes : - )
Colorado Reed

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