Orange - Nightly Builds
Nightly Builds Extensions Subversion Orange 1.0 (old)

Nightly Builds

This page contains nightly builds from the SVN. These are typically stable and we recommend using them instead of the "stable" 1.0 release.


Full package: Snapshot of Orange with Python 2.7 and required libraries
This package is recommended to those installing Orange for the first time and to those which still use Orange 1.0. It includes all required libraries (Python, PythonWin, NumPy, PyQt, PyQwt...), though it will not change any libraries you might already have.
(Also available: Orange for Python 2.5, Orange for Python 2.6)

Pure Orange: Snapshot of Orange for Python 2.7
Use this version if you are updating from an earlier snapshot. You can install it over your existing installation.
(Also available: Orange for Python 2.5, Orange for Python 2.6)

Mac OS X

Bundle: Orange Snapshot
This is an universal bundle with everything packed in and ready for an unadvanced user.
If you would like to feel the real power of Orange you should try its scripting part. Although this is possible through Python packed in a bundle (see Use Orange From DMG) we recommend using a Fink package management system to deploy Orange system-wide. You should have Fink, X11 version 2.3.0 or later and Xcode installed on a system and run this install script to add information about our packages and our binary packages repository (so you will not have to compile everything on your machine) to your Fink installation. You should run this script whenever you would like to update information about our packages (and thus be able to update them). Orange is split into two packages: orange-gui-svn-py25 (graphical interface) and orange-svn-py25. Many example scripts also require the matplotlib-py25 Fink package.


We have a repository with Orange packages for i386 and amd64 platforms. You should add the repository to your list of repositories by adding those two lines to /etc/apt/sources.list file:
deb squeeze main
deb-src squeeze main 
After updating the list of known packages (aptitude update) you can install, for example, orange-canvas package (aptitude install orange-canvas). Packages are not signed as they are made automatically so you will probably be warned about this.


Nightly packed sources

To build and install orange you can use the in the root orange directory (requires g++, Python and numpy development headers). To use it unpack the nightly sources and run:

python build
sudo python install

This will also install orange-canvas script so you can start Orange Canvas from the command line.

To install orange locally run

python install --user
This will install orange in /home/username/.local/lib/pythonX.Y/site-packages/orange

make (for developers)

Source distribution also includes makefiles for Linux and Mac OSX and project files for MS Visual Studio 2008. To compile Orange, you will need an appropriate compiler, Python and NumPy.

Suse users can find instructions for installation here. Instructions for Ubuntu are in the source archive and here.

See BuildingFromSource wiki page for more information.


Selected source archives are available here.