Orange3 is a ground-up reimplementation of Orange.

  1. We moved to Python 3; no backward compatibility.
  2. We moved from custom data format to numpy.
  3. We dropped our C++ code and use Scikit-learn (wherever possible) and Cython (where not).
  4. Visual programming environment stays almost the same, just ported to Python 3.
  5. No more PyQwt, OrangeQt... Viva Pyqtgraph!
  6. Simpler widgets - above and under the hood. Like box plot below.
  7. Widgets can read data from (Postgres) SQL and pass around queries. Viva AXLE!
  8. We are rewriting the documentation, including the all-new reference manual for scripting.

Orange3 is in development and we plan to release its first version in late 2015. Check out our progress at GitHub.

Download latest bundle for OSX.

Download latest installer for Windows.

Boxplot in Orange3