Orange - Nightly Builds
Nightly Builds Extensions Subversion Orange 1.0 (old)

Orange from SVN

Orange is available through SVN (Subversion) at for anonymous read-only access.

Daily snapshot (Qt 4) - recommended
Run: svn checkout
Version 1.0b2 (Qt 2.3)
Run: svn checkout
You will find C++ sources with the corresponding makefiles, project files in directory source, and documentation and modules in orange.

Direct download of precompiled binaries for Windows

Binaries for Windows for Python 2.3 used to be on SVN but were removed from there.

If you use Orange on Windows you will probably want to download the binaries instead of building them yourself. Run the batch file updateFromSVN.bat, which you will find in the Orange's root directory. It will update everything from SVN (svn.exe must be on your computer's search PATH) and download the modified .pyd files for your version of Python. You can use this batch to keep your Orange up to date instead of running SVN manually. For this to work you need to first checkout Orange into your Python's "c:\python\lib\site-packages" folder.

You can get the newest .pyd files even if you don't have a SVN installed: just run which you will find in the Orange's root directory. If you have multiple versions of Python installed it will download the .pyd's for the Python version which executed the .py file. You can control this by running Python with, say, c:\python24\python

Regression testing of modules and Orange Canvas widgets

For developers, some regression tests are accessible from the SVN.

Also, in folder testing on SVN you will find a set of scripts that we use for automatic testing of Orange Canvas and widgets.